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Traditional Barber Shop Services

Barbers do more than just cut hair. They’re stylists. Each time a client sits in their chair, they’re given the opportunity to create a new look. By offering traditional barber shop services, barbers can transform their clients and boost their confidence. From beard shaping to hot towel treatments, discover how each of these services can leave your customers feeling refreshed.

Many clients visit their barber for one thing and one thing only—a quality hair cut. They expect their barber to correctly trim, fade, and cut their hair perfectly. Some may even request patterns. By giving your clients exactly what they want, you ensure that they return to your barber’s seat time and time again.

Barbershops aren’t just for haircuts, though. More and more men are scheduling appointments for beard services as well. Because facial hair has made a big comeback, men rely on their barber to keep their unruly whiskers under control. By trimming and applying the right product, your client’s facial hair will look well kempt and their skin will be soothed.

Another popular treatment is the hot towel treatment. Some barbers include this with their haircuts and beard treatments while others provide it separately. During this treatment, a hot towel is applied to the client’s face and left for a few minutes. This opens up the pores and makes it easier for you to provide a close shave, or simply give your clients an additional moment of relaxation. No matter how you choose to apply the hot towel treatment to your business, your customers are sure to love it.

If you’re looking to become a professional barber, the Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers can help you reach your goal. Located in Orlando, West Palm Beach, Hollywood, and Margate, we specialize in helping each of our students reach new heights. Our instructors are industry professionals who apply their practical knowledge to each one of their courses. This sort of experience will give you the education you need to start your new career off right. By combining both clinical application and theory, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge needed to become the best barber, cosmetologist, or skin care specialist you can be.

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