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What Are the Different Types of Beauty & Wellness Careers?

For many people, beauty and wellness isn’t just a passion. It’s a career objective with a passionate foundation. They desire to find a career that supports their passion in a way that can sustain them. If this sounds like you, know that there are a huge variety of ways to enter the beauty field. At Hollywood Institute, we know that the best way to get started is to receive the proper training. After getting a good education in your chosen field, you can find a salon, spa, office, clinic, website, online business, or other place to use your new skills and talents. Here are just a few of the types of beauty and wellness careers for you to consider as you start making the first steps towards making your passion a career.

Cosmetology Cosmetology is a great choice for someone with a passion for all things beauty related since you get to learn about many different facets of beauty, including hair design, skin care, nail technology, and makeup specifics. Specialized Interests For people with more specialized interests, other programs are more focused on a single aspect of beauty. In nail technology, you will learn in-depth techniques like systems for acrylic nails, gel nails, tips, wraps, spa treatments, nail art, and much more. Skin Care & Massage The Skin Care program includes course material that covers the science of skin, skin care techniques, beauty treatments, and more. Licensed massage therapists are trained in a variety of techniques and taught professional skills for fulfilling careers. Medical Assistant For people who are more interested in science (like anatomy or phlebotomy) but still want to have the opportunity to work directly with patients, a medical assistant program might be a good direction. You’ll learn how to do administrative work effectively as well as how to perform basic laboratory tests and perform other medical duties related to the field. Let’s Talk! If a career in beauty or wellness sounds like a fun and exciting way to make a living, then let’s start a conversation. Check out the available courses at the Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers today, and come in for a tour!

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