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What Can You Do With a Cosmetology License?

Whether you're coming up to graduation or you're just starting to look into cosmetology courses, you're likely wondering what different cosmetology jobs could be available to you. A cosmetology license can open the doors to so many creative and rewarding careers.

As well as salon-based careers which lots of graduates will be looking forward to pursuing, there are other career paths that could be open to you:

Hairdresser You've probably already thought about hairstyling whilst considering jobs after cosmetology school. But did you know that hairstyling is one of the least affected roles when countries go through tough economic times? And what's more, scientists believe that robots will likely never be able to replace humans to cut and style hair so your job would be safe well into the future! But how many years is a cosmetology license is good for? You'll want to be sure to check regulations in your state to find out how often you will need to renew it, and what the renewal process looks like. Editorial Stylist Stylists who specialize in editorial work get to transform models from their everyday look to whatever style the creative director has in mind. If you're wondering what to do after your cosmetology license is awarded and would love to get your work seen in the pages of magazines or on big-name websites, then being an editorial stylist could be a great goal for you. Fashion Stylist Many cosmetologists become a celebrity or personal stylists. As a fashion stylist, you would work with models, celebrities and other high-profile clients to style them for events and parties. Stylists often begin their careers working for a range of clients, and some narrow down their client list as they become more experienced. Stylists at the peak of their careers may be asked to accompany their clients on trips abroad or work for them on high-profile events such as premieres. Artistic Director Artistic director roles are a great choice for people who are looking for corporate jobs after cosmetology school. The perfect career for people looking to combine their hair and beauty know-how, knowledge of trends and their artistic flair without necessarily practicing on clients every day. Artistic directors work with companies to create visuals that reflect their brand presence and to attract potential clients. Educator Many cosmetologists find that they love telling others about something they love. So much so, that once they graduate, they decide to become educators themselves. For people who love cosmetology school and are thinking "I have my cosmetology license, now what?" becoming an educator can be incredibly rewarding and offers stable hours, making it ideal for those who need a fixed schedule. Educators may also be able to work on other projects on a freelance basis, meaning you could pursue creative projects too. Salon Entrepreneur When you've been wondering "What can I do with my cosmetology license?" entrepreneurship may not have been the first sector that came to mind. But after receiving your license, you could also choose to launch your own business. This could be a physical or mobile salon. You might decide to create your products. Beauty entrepreneurship includes any number of interesting ventures. The skills you'll have learned during your training will help you to grow your business over time. Being an entrepreneur can be incredibly rewarding but can mean you have to work very hard when you're starting out. Film Stylist How about working on film sets? Film stylists work with creatives to bring characters to life for the duration of a film. Being versatile and creative is important, as is having an eye for detail. You will need to make sure the actors' looks are identical throughout the project. This is a good option for people who enjoy project-based work and who are interested in having opportunities to travel for their job. Theater Stylist Much like film stylists, theater stylists are responsible for transforming actors into their characters. However, theater stylists often work on the same project for longer periods and sometimes travel if the production they are working on goes on tour. A passion for creative arts and great attention to detail are important. You'll be rewarded with working alongside a close-knit team. So, the answer to “What can you do with a cosmetology license?” is that you can do a lot of very different jobs! There are many career options to suit all types of interests and strengths. Whether you work best in a team or on your own, there are jobs that you will find enjoyable. Not only that, but there are excellent options for those looking for flexible work and even for people who prefer the idea of becoming an independent contractor. Most importantly, there are excellent career prospects for people who qualify as cosmetologists.

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