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What Essential Tools You Need to Be a Barber?

Being a barber can be an awesome profession that allows you to express yourself creatively while helping improve people’s looks and confidence. Going to a barber school in Hollywood, FL, with day and evening classes can help open your eyes to this wonderful career path.

As with any other industry or occupation, there are some tools of the trade you’ll need to become familiar with. You’ll get to know some of these more intimately as you go through your education, but here’s a brief rundown of some of the essential tools and techniques that all barbers use.

Electric Clipper and Trimmer An electric trimmer is essential to trim precise lines along the neckline and to create sharp edges along the beard and sideburns. Clippers are often used for those that like to keep their hair a little bit longer but still look sharp. Both electric clippers and trimmers are essential components in any barber’s toolkit. Straight Razor Not all cuts and fine lines can be made using electric clippers, trimmers, or scissors. There are some looks that are best achieved by a straight razor. These are usually used by the barber to clean the back of the neck. It can also be used in a technique that creates more texture in the hair that adds volume. This technique has the opposite effect of thinning shears to thin hair to get it to lay a certain way. Cape If you’ve ever been to get your hair cut at a salon or a barbershop and had tiny hairs crawl down the back of your shirt or stick to your neck and face, you’re familiar with the discomfort that this causes. Every barber needs to have a high-quality cape that adjusts to fit all neck sizes and types. Cutting without a cape is possible, of course, but your clients will go home itching and uncomfortable.

Nose Trimmer A lot of barbers will bypass this small piece of equipment but for those that do use it, their clients sure appreciate it. Many men enjoy being pampered every now and then, and having perfectly trimmed nose hairs can really enhance the barbering experience for many of your clientele. Disinfectant and Cleaners Your brushes, scissors, and combs all need to be perfectly sanitary and cleaned regularly to keep your clients coming back. From the barbicide you use to put your combs and shears between clients to a sterilizer for your equipment, disinfecting your tools of the trade are essential. A sterilizer uses germicidal bulbs to keep equipment sterile. Your first step to becoming a licensed barber is to research barber school information in Hollywood, FL. Visit Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers to see how a barber training program can prepare you for the life and profession you love.


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