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What Is LED Light Therapy and How Does it Work?

The concept of using LED light to improve many types of common skin conditions has become increasingly popular. However, before you decide whether or not to buy the best professional LED light therapy machine you can find, you should know more about this treatment option. That way, you can understand how LED light therapy works and whether it’s likely to help you with your dermatological needs.

Understanding the Basics of LED Light Therapy

Let’s start by breaking down what LED light therapy even means. The term “LED” is an acronym for light-emitting diode. A light-emitting diode essentially turns an electrical current into a light. The light can come in a variety of colors. However, most users prefer green, yellow, red, or blue lights for LED light therapy because of their unique frequencies and capabilities.

Where does dermatology come into play? When the LED light is carefully and safely applied to the skin, it instantly penetrates its many layers. As it does, the LED light’s distinctive characteristics promote cell regeneration and healing. The skin is therefore prompted toward restoration and renewal.

Conditions Treated by Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green LED Light Therapy

LED light therapy is useful in treating and correcting many types of skin-related imperfections. However, not all colors of LED light produce the same results. For that reason, you’ll want to make sure that when you’re investigating FDA approved LED light therapy devices online or in a store, you pick the one best suited for the outcome you want.

  • Red LED Light Therapy: This kind of LED light therapy is often used in conjunction with applying a topical medication. The red LED light activates the medication, encouraging the skin to shed damaged cells to make way for new ones. People with acne, stretch marks, light scarring, inflammation, and other skin blemishes may find help using a red LED light therapy machine.

  • Blue LED Light Therapy: You may discover several blue LED light therapy devices on the market. They’re traditionally preferred by consumers struggling with the after-effects of sun damage, such as age spots and discoloration. Like red LED light therapy, blue LED light therapy can be used with a topical medication to stimulate the cells.

  • Green LED Light Therapy: The green LED light may provide relief for individuals with sagging under-eye areas or dark under-eyes (that aren’t from other causes such as sleep deprivation or illness). Adults who regularly use green LED light therapy devices generally say that after a few treatments, their skin looks brighter and more youthful.

  • Yellow LED Light Therapy: Like the other LED light therapy choices, yellow LED light is known for its healing potential. However, yellow LED light is usually reserved for special marks on the skin, like spider veins or broken capillaries that make the skin look reddish. Yellow LED light only affects the top layers of the skin, making it less of a “deep” treatment than some other LED light therapies.

Can Consumers Get the Benefit of LED Light Therapy at Home?

One of the most attractive advantages of LED light therapy is that it can be done at home. Consumers should always purchase high-quality machines like those offered by Celluma LED light therapy. As long as they follow directions, they should find the experience safe.

The issue, though, is that residential LED light therapy machines may not have the same power as those available over the counter to the general consumer market. In contrast, LED light therapy devices used by dermatologists and estheticians are more powerful. Plus, these professionals understand how to use the machines to their customers’ advantage. Consequently, considering getting your first LED light therapy treatments at a salon or spa is not a bad idea.

That way, you can learn more about the process under the guidance of people trained and certified in its application.

Final Thoughts on LED Light Therapy

There’s little doubt that many people have found relief from acne, rosacea, and even hair loss through the power of LED light therapy. And suppose you want to become a professional who helps others get the advantages of LED light therapy. In that case, you may consider attending the Hollywood Institute of Beauty Centers to become an expert in LED light therapy and other exciting skin condition treatments. Contact us today to learn more about all the programs our Centers offer!


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