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What Is the Job Description of an Electrologist?

What You Do

There are many ways to remove hair from the body, but one of the more effective practices is to use an electric current to prevent hair growth. This process, called electrolysis, targets the papilla, which is the indentation at the base of a hair follicle. The papilla brings oxygen and nutrients to the hair, allowing it to grow, but electrolysis destroys that tissue to stop that from happening. Most of the best cosmetology schools in Orlando, FL, teach you about this fascinating process so that you can understand what’s happening to the hair for your own purposes and so that you can educate your clients.

How to Get Certified

To get a job as an electrologist in Florida, you first must complete a program that’s certified by the Florida Department of Health. The Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers in Orlando, FL, can help you on your journey. Keep in mind that you’ll have to have at least 120 hours in the classroom, and at least 200 hours of hands-on work to get certified. You can break this up as needed, even going to a cosmetology school with day and evening classes if that’s what works for you. After your classroom work is done, you then must pass the state exam to get your license. Keep in mind that you need to renew your license every two years.

Job Benefits If you graduate from Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers, a cosmetology school in Orlando, FL, your job outlook should be positive as you would have studied and worked hard while in school to attain the best job for you. After you get some experience, if you open your own salon, it takes an average of two to five years in most cases to build up a steady practice. Whether you open your own company or work in another one, there is usually a steady amount of work. More people are turning to electrologists as they tend to their appearance and utilize the exciting new technologies that are available to them.

Who You Help There are also other benefits to consider. In this job, as with most beauty-related careers, your work is making people feel good about themselves. Most clients in this industry are women who come in to remove facial hair, but you could get men and women of all ages coming in with a variety of problems. Whatever they want done, they can use the experience you can provide to help them look the way they want and enjoy that look. If you want to be a part of that, visit today to learn how to get started.


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