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Why Your New High School Graduate Should Consider Hollywood Institute This Summer

As the parent of a high school graduate, you may be considering various options for your teenager's future. While college is often the traditional route, exploring alternatives that offer valuable skills and promising career opportunities is essential. One such alternative is us, the Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers. We're a renowned trade school that specializes in beauty and wellness education.

High School Graduate Pursuing a Career in Nails at Hollywood Institute

In this blog, we will explore the benefits of attending a trade school like ours, the Hollywood Institute, and how obtaining a beauty license can provide lifelong advantages.

Practical Skills and Industry-Relevant Education:

The Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers offers comprehensive training programs designed to equip students with the practical skills necessary to succeed in the beauty industry. Through hands-on training and theoretical coursework, your teenager will gain a solid foundation in various aspects of beauty, including hairstyling, makeup artistry, skin care, nail technology, and more. These skills are in high demand and provide an excellent opportunity to start a rewarding career.

Shorter Duration and Cost-Effective:

Unlike traditional four-year college degrees, trade schools like the Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers provide focused training that can be completed in a relatively short duration. This means your teenager can start their career sooner and at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional university education. With the rising costs of higher education, trade schools offer a cost-effective option for acquiring skills and launching a successful career without accumulating substantial student loan debt.

In-Demand Industry with Growth Potential:

The beauty industry is thriving and continues to grow at a rapid pace. People always want to look and feel their best, regardless of economic conditions. By attending the Hollywood Institute, your teenager will be entering a field with a constant demand for skilled professionals. With the right training and dedication, they can build a rewarding career in hairstyling, makeup, skincare, or other beauty-related professions. Additionally, beauty professionals have the flexibility to work in salons, spas, and resorts or even establish their own businesses.

Licensed Skills: A Valuable Asset:

One of the significant advantages of attending the Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers is that your teenager will graduate with a professional license*. This license demonstrates their competence and expertise in their chosen field, making them more marketable to employers. Furthermore, the beauty industry is highly regulated, and holding a license ensures that your teenager is legally permitted to practice their craft. Obtaining a license is an investment in their future, as it cannot be taken away and provides a solid foundation for career growth and stability**.

Opportunities for Creativity and Self-Expression:

The beauty industry offers an outlet for creativity and self-expression. Attending the Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers will enable your teenager to explore their artistic talents and develop their unique style. With the guidance of experienced instructors, they will learn various techniques and trends while also having the opportunity to express their own creativity. This industry fosters individuality and allows professionals to showcase their skills in exciting and diverse ways.

High School Graduate Pursuing a Career in Skin Care at Hollywood Institute

While the traditional path of pursuing a college degree is still valuable, trade schools like the Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers offer a different and equally rewarding route for your new high school graduate. By attending this esteemed institution, your teenager can acquire practical skills, obtain a professional license, and enter a booming industry with countless opportunities for growth and success. The beauty industry is a platform for creativity, self-expression, and a pathway to financial stability. Consider the Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers this summer and provide your teenager with the tools they need to embark on a fulfilling and prosperous career. Chat with our Admissions Department or schedule a tour today >>>

Short Program That Can Be Completed In 2-3 Months:

Great for the Summer After Graduating High School

Longer Programs That Can Be Completed in 6-11 Months:

Title IV Federal Financial Aid Qualified Programs

*Hollywood Institute offers the chance to fulfill the educational requirements necessary to obtain a license. For longer programs like our Cosmetology or Massage Therapy Program - graduates are required to take a state exam to obtain their license. We offer FREE tutoring for these exams.

**Hollywood Institute does not guarantee employment; however, employment assistance is available. Hollywood Institute has a career placement office that provides job development skills and employment assistance upon request.

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