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Our curriculum provides educational opportunities for everyone, regardless of experience level. Learn all about our application and admissions process below, and get in touch with any questions.

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Initial Contact

You and an admissions representative will speak over the phone*. The conversation will mostly involve your goals and expectations. You will be asked a series of questions to ensure your eligibility to apply for our school. Of course, if you have any questions at this time, they will be addressed. Once confirmed that both want to move forward, we will schedule an intial interview** (which includes the beginning steps to enroll and application for financial aid).


*You are more than welcome to give us a call or walk-in if you wish to speed up the process. Please be in mind of our office hours.


**If you choose to walk-in, there may be an intial wait time, but assuming all is well to move forward, you can achieve the interview process same day. Please be sure to wear a mask.


Dependent on eligibility and acceptance:

  1. You will sign an enrollment agreement and all necessary financial aid documents.

  2. You are now a student at Hollywood Institute (or Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers).

  3. You will begin payment of initial registration fee of $150, receive uniform, student ID, and your kit*.

  4. You will begin classes on your chosen schedule and start date.


*You will receive your kit on your first day of class, if your financial aid is cleared and/or other form of funding is established.

During Program

Checklist to be mindful of during program:

  • Good attendance to ensure that you are completing clock hours in alloted timeframe.

  • Abiding to school policy (uniform, behavior, class schedule, payment schedule, etc.)

  • Complete theory hours and pass tests

  • Complete all hands-on requirements

  • Participate in program projects and events

  • Schedule and attend exit interview

  • That's it! You graduated :,)



  • Hi Salon & Spa | Barbershop discounts

  • Invitations to exclusive CEUs/Training Sessions/Webinars

  • Continued education via The International Dermal Institute*

  • Exclusive access to scholarships for other programs


Testing and Licensure

  • Some programs require a state board exam to be taken off-site. We assist you in scheduling, processing payment, and STUDYING!


Career Placement Assistance

  • Were you hired and for some reason it did not work out? Contact us and see who's hiring. We will get you in contact with our network of employers.

  • Our mission is not just to graduate students, but to also get them licensed/certified and placed! Placement is key for what we belive to be success. Just like you, we begin (each enrollment) with the end in sight! Being placed means you have been employed or started a business related to your chosen field.


*This is available to cosmetology and skin care graduates that have completed their Dermalogica certification during their program on campus.