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Massage Therapy Program

600 hours | day & evening classes

Massage Therapy Classes
Massage Therapy School
Why us?
Upper Back Massage

Graduate with confidence

Our instructors are dedicated to their craft and believe in the ability to heal with the power of touch. Whether you're just starting or are looking to expand services to your personal training, pilates, yoga, or stretching clients; becoming a licensed massage therapist will open a multitude of opportunities for you, including:

  • Salon or Spa massage therapist

  • Resort massage therapist

  • Chiropractic clinics

  • Athletic organizations

  • Athletic trainer

  • Sports Clinics

  • Exercise physiologist

  • Physical therapist

  • Post Personal Training Massage


As a licensed Massage Therapist, you may also have the flexibility to create your schedule by being self-employed or running your own business. Many self-employed massage practitioners travel with their equipment or rent a space to practice. If you want specific clientele, you may even want to open your massage parlor.

Hollywood Institute and Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers give you the foundation you need to take on your journey to a life empowering Health & Wellness to others. 

Focused on Your Success

Training at Hollywood Institute or Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers will give you much more than a license and a diploma.


You’ll enjoy a vibrant atmosphere with countless networking opportunities and many other benefits when you join us.

From Elsevier instruction and Biotone product education to our lectures and live demos from masters in the industry, you'll learn how to greet, talk to, service, sell products to, and rebook your clients with your hands-on training in the HI Salon & Spa.


We train students to look, talk, and be health & wellness professionals.

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Modalities You'll Learn:

Theory Topics:

History of Massage: Prehistoric Times to the Modern Era and Professional Societies, Organizations, & Associations

Tools of the Trade: Massage Tables, Table Accessories, Linens, Lubricant, & the Treatment Room

Evidence Informed Practice & Research Literacy

Body Mechanics, Client Positioning, & Draping

Standard Precautions, Contraindications, & Emergency Preparedness

Special Populations: Massage for Pregnant Women, Infants, Children, Adolescents, Tactical Athletes & the Military, the Elderly, People with Visual, Hearing, & Mobility Impairments, and Those in Hospice Care

Foot Reflexology: Theories & Techniques

Seated Massage: Principles & Practice

Business, Marketing, Accounting, & Finance

Skeletal System


Nervous System

Reproductive System

Lymphatic System

Urinary System

Therapeutic Relationships

Career Longevity: Self-Care, Burnout Prevention, & the Wellness Model

Massage Therapy & Research: A Review of the Literature 

Massage Techniques, Joint Mobilizations, & Stretches

Professional Standards: Scope of Practice, Assessment, Treatment Planning, Informed Consent, Documentation, & Networking with Health Care Providers

Hydrotherapy & Spa

Clinical Massage

Asian Bodywork Therapy: Shiatsu, Thai Massage, Ayurvedic Principles, & Chakras

Introduction to the Human Body: Cells, Tissues, & the Body Compass

Muscular System

Integumentary System

Endocrine System

Cardiovascular System

Respiratory System

UhhMAZING Experience. I’m So Proud Of Myself For Making The Right Decision To Choosing This School To Start My Massage Therapy Career With Skin Care Provided. Massage Was Something I Always Wanted To Do, And Hollywood Institute Of Beauty Careers Helped Me Complete My Goal.

The Campus Director Was The Reason I Kept Going Even In The Midst Of My Struggles, She Made Sure I Came And Finished What I Started. She’s Really Is The Definition Of “Start Stronger & Finish EVEN STRONGER 💪🏾🤞🏾

The Massage Therapist Instructor Is Truly The Bomb.Com. Her Techniques, Skills, & Hands Are Truly A Gift From God. She’s The Reason I Know I’m Gonna Excel In Being A Massage Therapist. I Believe I Learned More Than I Should Have LOl. The Skin Care Instructor Most Definitely Know Her Stuff. Her She’s Patient, Kind, And Knows Everything There Is To Know About Skin Care.

The Choice I Made In Coming Here Was By Far The Best Decision I Ever Made In My Life. I’m Now A Graduate Of A Phenomenal School. Thanks So Much For This Opportunity 🙏🏾🙏🏾💋

Akira Brinson


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Hollywood Institute Massage Students
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