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Do You Need a License to Do Microblading in Florida?

Over the past 10 years, microblading has become increasingly popular across the United States, and for good reason: The procedure can define, reconstruct, supplement or otherwise improve the looks of overplucked or undergrown eyebrows with semipermanent results. Clients love the service because it’s a low-maintenance, low-pain way to cultivate a customized eyebrow look that can survive even sweat sessions, swimming pools and the Florida sun.

That’s where you come in as a beauty professional. If this is a service you want to provide to your clients, you’ll want to find microblading classes in Florida that go over the safety and style of the practice.

But do you need a license to offer microblading to clients in Florida? It's a good question, as certification and training requirements vary state by state. Before you consider adding this service to your repertoire, let’s go over the local legal requirements as well as important factors to keep in mind.

Do you need a license to do microblading in Florida?

Yes, permanent cosmetics procedures like microblading fall under the category of tattoo artistry in Florida, requiring several licenses and permits. You’ll need a separate license to perform microblading services in Florida, even if you’re already a cosmetologist or esthetician.

Tattoo Artist License

Those who want to offer this service in the Sunshine State need a formal Tattoo Artist License from the Florida Department of Health.

Biomedical Waste Generator’s Permit

All microblading and permanent cosmetics professionals also need a biomedical waste generator’s permit (which requires a state fee, application and taxes paid to the specific city and county).

County Permits and Fees

County health department registration and local fees may also apply. Receiving your tattoo artist’s license doesn’t require driving up to Tallahassee to file the paperwork. Instead, you can submit the required paperwork to your county health department. If you’re in Orlando, for example, you’ll visit a health department location in Orange County.

What are the key Florida microblading requirements?

First, you need to be 18 years old and have a copy of a government-issued photo identification card to prove it. You’ll also need to score at least 70% on a health department-approved training on bloodborne pathogens and communicable diseases. With those documents in hand, you’ll need to fill out your application for a tattoo artist’s license, pay the state fee and pay the county license application fee, if the county has one.

On your application for your tattoo artist’s license, you’ll want to list the establishment where you plan to ply your trade; the shop or parlor where you’ll work also needs to be licensed. It’s similar to how cosmetologists and estheticians perform their beauty, skin and nail services in licensed salons.

Are there affordable microblading classes in Florida?

In addition to licensure, you’ll want to find microblading training near you so that you can get the hands-on experience you need. In your microblading courses, you’ll learn how to manipulate tiny needles to make tiny, shallow cuts to the brow and then place pigment into the cuts. Hands-on experience, as well as lots of skincare knowledge, is often necessary.

Taking advantage of affordable microblading classes in Florida offered by the Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers. We offer a number of programs to help you become a licensed professional in microblading and numerous other beauty, health and wellness disciplines. Whether you’re interested in skincare, nail technology, massage therapy, hairdressing, cosmetology or other forms of permanent makeup, we can help you prepare for licensure. Contact Hollywood Institute today to learn more about our course and training options — even dual programs — that can set you apart in the beauty field.


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