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How to Make a Successful Career in Esthetics

Taking esthetician courses in Orlando, FL, is certainly exciting, but people are never more anxious than just after graduation. Newly certified estheticians are ready to get work and start developing their clientele. However, for many estheticians, this is the most challenging part of the job. Luckily, there are a few basic tips that should help you make a successful career as an esthetician.

Out of School After graduation, you'll begin looking for work. This is something everyone experiences, so you're certainly not alone. The best tip is to simply be prepared. Never go into an interview blind! Research the company online and get a feel for how they present themselves. Is it a neighborhood salon or a high-end spa? These are very different working environments. They’ll likely have their own requirements, questions, and expectations as well. Rehearse interview questions, prepare your wardrobe, and tweak your resume or CV to better fit a specific company. However, you shouldn't over-prepare. Overdoing it can lead to your responses sounding robotic or rehearsed. Do your best to get comfortable and learn a few relaxation exercises if you're prone to being nervous. Getting Started As a general rule, try not to be picky about where you get your start. Most businesses want someone who is already experienced, so it's difficult to get your foot in the door. Of course, this is one of the perks of being an esthetician. There are many ways to apply your skills. You can work at a variety of spas! There are day spas, skincare spas, hotel spas, cruise line spas, medical spas, department store spas, resort spas, and many more. Another popular choice is to work at a hair salon with a skin treatment room. You could even become a representative for a skincare line. They're often sold at medical offices or spas. You might provide education and training classes or perform at trade shows. Many estheticians operate in a retail environment. Department stores and beauty retailers often hire estheticians. Some estheticians are independent contractors. They may be on-call for spas or operate as freelancers. Beauty schools hire estheticians as well. If you're willing to take the chance, you could become an entrepreneur and develop a skincare line of your own!

Building a Clientele Being an esthetician is a relationship-based profession. This means you have to develop a good relationship and dialogue with your clients. Some people are shy, while others ask a million questions. You'll meet people from all sorts of backgrounds, and you have to be able to make them feel at ease. Knowing skincare is essential, but what makes the biggest difference throughout your career is understanding people and being able to communicate with them in a meaningful way. This is largely trial and error, and occasionally your personalities simply won't be compatible. It's an unfortunate reality of the job. The first step is attending an esthetician school in Orlando, FL. Contact Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers at (407)-681-2410 if you'd like to learn more.


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