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The Tools & Equipment Used in Medical Assisting

If you look into medical assistant programs in Margate, FL, you’ll find that working as a medical assistant can be a rewarding career and that there’s a lot to learn before you get there. These programs will teach you how to interact well with your patients, families, and hospital staff, and they’ll also introduce you to a wide range of tools and equipment. An excellent medical assistant course in Margate, FL, will go into depth about each item, but before you begin, here’s a brief overview so that you understand a little more about your future career.

Sterilization Tools Considering how many people come through a medical office on any given day, sick or well, one of the most important tasks will be to keep anyone from infecting each other. You’ll learn how to maintain a sterile environment. Even things like using sterilizing solution and putting on gloves and masks, which many people take for granted, require some instruction. Otherwise, you risk contamination. There are also some sterilization practices that most people don’t think about, like using a small pressure chamber called an autoclave to sterilize your tools and equipment. You’ll learn about it in your medical assistant training program in Margate, FL. Medical Tools and Equipment There are a wide range of tools that you’ll learn about as part of a certified medical assistant program in Margate, FL. Some you’ll use to examine the patients, like penlights, scales, thermometers, and ear scopes. You may also use a lot of equipment during the examination process, such as an EKG (electrocardiogram) machine to monitor the heart’s electrical activity or a hemoglobin machine to test a blood sample. You’ll also learn about the proper handling of syringes and other sharps and how to dispose of them safely. If you work in surgery, that will require knowledge of a special set of tools, such as forceps, scalpels, and hemostats.

Computers These days, most jobs have some computer-based aspect to them, and the medical field is no exception. Computers are vital for accurate record keeping and information sharing. If you go through certified medical assistant training in Margate, FL, you’ll learn about some of the tasks you might perform on a computer and some of the programs that you might use. You’ll usually meet with the patient before the doctor does. After you take their initial vital signs, you’ll need to input that into the system, along with their medical history and personal information, which are all factors the doctors will use when diagnosing the patient or recommending treatment options. If you enjoy computer work, along with hands-on examination and patient interaction, then contact the Hollywood Institute today to get started on the path to a new career.


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