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Things to Know about Hair Coloring with a Barber

Many men visit their barbers for more than a haircut. Some men want to blend their gray hair with their natural hair color, while others may want to change the color of their hair and beard. If it’s your first time having this service done, here are some things you need to know.

· Before applying the hair color: The barber will wet and shampoo your hair or beard.

· Protecting your skin: Dark hair dyes can stain the skin, so make sure your barber applies petroleum jelly around the hairline, ears, and neck as well as the lips and cheeks if dying the beard.

· Root refresh: If your roots are the only area you need colored, your barber won’t color the rest of your hair.

· Processing time: How long it takes for the color to develop on your hair depends on your hair type, the length of hair, and the color you chose. If bleaching is involved, this will take longer.

· Wrong colors: Sometimes the color comes out differently than you imagined. If it’s too light, the barber may apply more color. Color that is too dark can sometimes be corrected with a color hair dye remover to strip down the color. Your barber may recommend waiting a day or two before using more chemicals on your hair.

Hair coloring for men has increased in popularity over the years. Barbers who want to increase their clientele can do this by offering hair coloring services for their male customers. At Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers, we offer barbering classes that educate you on the science and art of hair coloring. Our classes included the theory and application of color services, how hair structure and composition effects color outcomes, and other courses to prepare you to offer your clients the best hair and beard coloring services. To learn more about our barber program, visit our website at and contact us today to get started.


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