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What to Know about the Modern Barbershop

barber schools in Orlando, learn more about what the modern barbershop has to offer.

More Than a Haircut

The modern barbershop offers men more than just a haircut, a shave, and a beard trim. These are some of the skills students learn how to do when they attend a barber training program in Orlando, but men want more. Now a guy can find many of the same high-end services found in retail salons. In fact,

you’ll now find services that in the past were thought of as strictly services for women. In a growing number of shops, you can get a steam facial, manicure, and a massage. Men are also looking for eyebrow waxing and hair removal services. The services menu is more diverse than ever, and many barbers add even more value when they offer an ice-cold beer and a widescreen TV broadcasting major sports events.

Personalized Product Lines

Men no longer use a simple comb and a splash of aftershave to complete their personal grooming program. They now look for the same variety of personal care products that women buy. Men look for personalized products they can work into their own regime. Modern barbershops are getting onboard with the demand for shaving, haircare, and styling products for men. Like their salon colleagues, barbers demo products on their clients and learn the art of making the sale. The barbershop is evolving into a guy’s go-to resource for purchasing grooming products.

Change is a good thing in the barber industry. You can see evidence of this in the way people look at barbering. It’s not only the barbershop that’s evolved. There’s a new level of professionalism in the barber industry today, and it shows. Barbers are learning how to offer more than basic services.

They’re investing in current trends and learning how to cater to a demographic that includes clients of all ages and backgrounds. The modern barbershop, when it taps into the experience economy, makes getting a shave and a haircut more than just another chore. Now it’s once more an enjoyable experience. We’re seeing a rise in the barbering industry, and that means an increasing demand for talented, passionate barbers. If you like the idea of helping men put their best face forward, barbering may be the career for you! Classes are starting soon at the Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers. Call today and register for the next session.


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